Date Night ;)

Hi guys!! So I have a brand new outfit ready just in time for spring. I know, I haven’t posted a legit outfit in forever (secret: I go into hibernation during winter.. :P  ) So I was getting ready for my date and just had to share my outfit with everyone <3

Unfortunately, all my camera men were GONE!!! (CAM I’m talking bout you! and the boyfriend was in quite a hurry sooo..) I took the liberty of taking mirror selfies. Sorry!! not the best images!!!! But the idea is there!!

I don’t know which ones the clearest so I posted all my pictures.

**Also: I didn’t wear the hair bow when I went out because I honestly just wore it to entertain my sister. She LOVES the dolly look. **


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The Half-Moon Manicure


I am loving this cute vintage look. Hail to the 20’s and those dapper days! :) Its also super easy to do, and if you have a steady hand, you don’t even need those nail stickers to do it ;)

Originally posted on Tribe of Mannequins:

The Half-Moon Manicure! I’m really excited about this post.
Yes, it’s polished and it’s definitely pretty. But can anyone pull it off?

Well, I believe they can. In an adapted way.

We don’t all have to fashion extra long, rounded-tip nails with un-painted half-moons and blood red tips, like iconic Dita Von Teese.

Lana del rey has been sporting pointed nails recently with extra large half-moons.

Fergie has been spotted donning catlike nails with black half-moons:

But there are modernised version trending at the moment. Shorter, more practical and wearable, squarer, and often brighter in hue.


(This is quite a classic take on a vintage trend. It’s true to history – using red as the main factoring colour, but using a rich, deep berry-esque shade, and glossing it up to create an extremely glamourous, glossy manicure. Quite beautiful on Camilla Belle).

(Another modern-twist on the half-moon manicure. Bright and…

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Valentine’s Day Nails : SORRY I’M LATE!!!!! :((


Hi guys!! I know I know, this post is WAYYYY LATE! I didn’t even realize I took these pictures since Valentine’s Day was so HECTIC!! BUTT!! I found them on my phone! :) So I posted this ASAP.

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My New Make-up Thing: Mascara and Red Lips


So recently!! I am loving red lips. I guess I’m digging the whole throw on some lipstick, eye liner and mascara thing. It’s easy, fast, and I don’t look like I rolled out of bed.

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Eden: a sex slave’s story


Even though this is not what I normally blog about, I think this is super important to raise awareness about. The first step is always getting knowledge!

Originally posted on Investik8:


Wearing just their underwear, the girls line up with their backs to the wall, arms by their side, heads down, frozen to the spot. They dare not move.

Their captors walk up and down the line – picking them seemingly at random and tapping them on the shoulder – ‘You, you, you and you… come with me’.

In the back of a warehouse truck, they are driven for miles across the scorching Nevada desert until they reach a hotel. There, they are forced to have sex with up to 25 men one after the other.

This was life for Korean-born American Chong Kim who, at 19 years old, was sold as a domestic sex slave in 1994 to Russian gangsters and held captive for more than two years.

“The clients never came to the warehouse,” she recalled “That was just where we slept. There was nothing there but bed mats…

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Light and Fresh

Things have been so hectic recently with the passing of Chia. God rest her soul. We had a beautiful ceremony for her last weekend, with candles and prayer. We each talked about how special she was and how much we would miss her. With that in mind, it is always important to carry the good memories with you and keep moving.

There is nothing like a light fresh outfit to keep you going and nothing is as light as a nice floral romper!

Every cute girl needs one in her closet ;)

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Recently, Chia passed away. It was sudden and tragic. Everyone in the family was devastated by her absence and I never realized how much I would miss brushing her hair and tying her bows.

She was always an inspiration, whether it be for always looking my best, or for striving to take photogenic pictures.

Isn’t she adorable?

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